In the future, power electronic devices and systems with various power semiconductor devices as the main power devices will compete and develop together. The thyristor and its derivatives will still monopolize the field of ultra-high power.

Rectifiers and inverters with IGBT as main power devices can improve efficiency, reduce noise, reduce weight and volume of equipment. They will be widely used in industry (motor frequency conversion, welding machine, industrial heating, electroplating power supply, energy storage device, etc.), household appliances (electromagnetic furnace, commercial electromagnetic furnace, frequency conversion air conditioning, frequency conversion refrigerator, etc.) and new energy sources (wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, electric vehicles, etc.). And so on.

In the future, the application hotspots of power electronic devices and systems are: frequency conversion and speed regulation, smart grid, automotive electronics, information and office automation, household special power supply, traction special power supply, new energy, solar energy, wind energy and fuel power supply, etc.

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